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Model Advice from Mark Curtis of Design Zero


Things to bring to the shoot?

As you are a girl, and therefore in the eyes of all us men – utterly “mad” - experience tells me what generally happens is that on the day of the shoot you all stuff “higgledy piggledy” (as my mum would say) half the contents of your wardrobe into a tiny suitcase (Nb: your suitcase is evidently crafted by the same people that built the TARDIS). Most of it ends up creased and it takes us ages at the start of the shoot sorting through what we can work with. In addition - I END UP IRONING YOUR CLOTHES WHILE YOU PUT YOUR MAKE UP ON, OR I END UP CHASING YOUR PET CAT THAT YOU ACCIDENTALLY SHUT IN THE SUITCASE WHEN YOU WERE PACKING IN A RUSH.


Can I just leave it to you to pick just one or two outfits that you want me to shoot and leave the rest at home!?!! Usually, a model tends to pick a cool couple of cool dresses, maybe some favourite lacy underwear.

Quick list of things to bring?


• Make Up - Foundation, Blusher, Eye shadow/Lipsticks (remember I have eye shadow and lipsticks that I favour for shoots here – but feel free to bring your own), Black Eye pencil, Black Mascara etc
• Black plain cotton thong/string
• White plain cotton thong/string
• Plain black bra
• Plain white bra
• Your favourite pair of scruffy blue jeans (preferably utterly knackered, with holes in, no sequins or other decoration, tight fitting on the leg running out to at least a boot cut or ideally a really big flare. I like to shoot models in jeans as they work well for the “natural” fashion stuff, combined with baggy/oversized tops it gives a natural “lounging about at home” feel to things, but then when the jeans are matched the more coutured tops - the bottom half contrasts really well and overall ensures the look isn’t too contrived.

Sometimes Useful

• Hair clips/combs – if you wish to pin your hair up etc – although I do have scrunchies, bands etc)
• Black mini/micro skirt
• Plain Black Lycra Tube
• Plain White Lycra Tube
• Biker boots
• Trainers (ideally Converse – or something suitably retro – Dunlop Greenflash anyone?)
• High heels – (if you have really have to! plain solid colours – not gold or silver – and only with a minimum 3 inch lift)
• Plain silver jewellery – bangles/necklaces etc – keep it simple!

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