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Model Advice from Mark Curtis of Design Zero


Any more general advice on make up that suits your style?

I have a make up guide that I can send through to you prior to any shoot, that covers application, style and so on, and I have a supply of my preferred eye shadows and lipsticks but if you are looking for general recommendations of what will photograph well and not cost you a fortune then the best of the bunch are:

With eye shadow, Mac make the best one, but a cheaper good quality alternative black eye shadow is made by Stargazer, and can be found cheaply and reliably on ebay.

Other than that, any eye shadows with a glitter/sparkle aren’t favourite thing at all. If you are looking for something more “exotic” in terms of colour then Givenchy do a range that photograph very well but these clock in at around £12 each – better instead to purchase Kryolan Aqua Colour – it’s actually stage make up (and comes from Germany), it’s water based and makes a fantastic eye shadow, comes in a range of colours and costs about £3.50 and you get tonnes!

A great range of lipsticks that won’t break the bank is the “Collection 2000” range - “Volume Boost” you can get these at Tesco for around £2.00 each – “Red Red 14” is my absolute favourite – looks great when processed. Again with lipsticks – I like to keep it to bold and solid colours.

Having worked with a fair few models now, I understand there is some reticence initially about moving away from their own tried and trusted make up formulas. Certainly, the results of a plain matt black eye shadow and bright red lipstick can appear to look far too “bold” for most models; however these harsh looks are what suit the way I light, shoot and process images.

What clothes do I need to bring with me?

By all means bring a few outfits that you’d really like to try and we can start with that.

In addition it’s handy if you can bring a pair of well worn blue jeans (battered and tatty as you like – those with big flare look especially good too, plain white/cream shirt is always handy.

Generally for the style of stuff I shoot, bare feet always work well, a cool pair of biker boots can look good, converse trainers (the battered the better) again can look good.

If you do want to wear high heels for some of the fashion stuff then try and get those with a 5-6 inch lift (not stacked on the sole) it will get the best results in terms of “enhancing” the legs and posture – please make sure the shoes are not gold or silver though (tacky).

Also it is useful to have one set black of underwear and one set of white underwear. Plain cotton stuff – not sheer - works best for me (please no Wonderbras – as a brand, I find they don’t photograph well – other gel/underwired brands are ok – Panache Atlantis are fantastic!) – remember that any underwired bra can mark the skin easily which can delay the shoot while your skin “recovers”. Regardless, please make sure the bra fits you properly – loose straps can spoil a shot! Thong/g-string type knickers always photograph well – mind you I’ve never had a model turn up in big dirty grey pants that go up to their armpits, so I assume you don’t want to be the first!

Fingernails and toenails can be painted; plain dark colours (not pearlescent) can work well. Gel and acrylic (plain) fingernail extensions always look good.

As you can see I’m not really interested in standard “glamour” looks, glamour is fine of course– but its better when it’s given a bit of a twist!

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