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Model Advice from Mark Curtis of Design Zero

I have just bought a Sherman Tank off E-Bay for 50p and I want to invade a neighbouring country (a small one, probably, just to start off with, perhaps the Isle of Wight). Can you take reconnaissance photos?

We’d be delighted of course, and we guarantee every single image of enemy gun emplacements, bridges and other areas of tactical interest will have the added bonus of your choice of model in a bikini waving cheerily right back at you (topless is extra).

That was a very silly question - Not very professional are you?

Well, the photographs speak for themselves; everyone has an opinion about them.

At the end of the day, you either like the photographs or you don’t…

….and therefore…

…you either want to work with me, or you don’t.

Shoots are conducted in a professional manner, but I am very relaxed and easy going by nature – and as we work mostly in fashion and glamour markets, if I’m not good to work with, I would never get the best from the models I use.

Who are you?

In March 2006 I decided to give this whole photography thing a bit of a go. Never owned a camera before them – but since starting things have taken of on in a way that I had never imagined! So now “Design Zero” is available to assist with all your photographic requirements!

In terms of a main day job, as a career I work as a PR/marketing and development specialist in the financial services industry, most recently in the city of London. I now work for myself, and I continue to do financial services related work on a private consultancy basis full time.

The one advantage I just might have over some photographers is that throughout my working life, a great deal of my work has centred on dealing with advertising, preparation of sales materials and copywriting. In the early 1990’s I moved much of my imaging and publishing work from MAC to a PC platform, in those days (when everything was made out of wood and it all cost “one shilling”) the multimedia software and indeed the hardware for the PC had to be imported from the USA; so to some extent my work activities have meant that although having taken such a long break from photography - I have still been working with digital imaging on the PC platform. So, at least my ability on the processing side of things is pretty decent!

Where do you work from? Which studios do you use?

On TFP I work mostly from home; I do not like studio settings, ostensibly as I prefer to be left to my own devices in my own environment. Particularly when working on “Glamour” or “Art” shoots with new or inexperienced models I do feel it important to keep control over who else has access to the location, as I recall from many years back, when hiring a studio it’s funny just who “pops in”! In addition, I also like to work with my own lighting equipment, not someone else’s.

Location work is always a pleasure to undertake too – the equipment is mobile!

Who have you worked for?

As a policy I never list my clients. I am sure you will have seen some of my work around and about (mostly screwed up and lying in a dustbin or in a pile waiting to being shredded).


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